Aaron Wagner Avid technologist, engineer, and big thinker

I use technology to help people solve problems.

I have more than a decade of development experience, am a big believer in Agile methodologies, and have a knack for seeing the big picture. If you think I would make a good addition to your team, check out my résumé:

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Angular UI Router Routes

My Products

I have managed projects and products ranging in size from enterprise applications with multiple data sources and hundreds of users, to smaller, one-off utility applications. Every project is different, and requires you to bring your A-game.

I've written a short narrative on a couple of projects that I managed that were highly successful. They are gists on GitHub.

ITAMS | Go UTHealth

Why use GitHub for these? Well, if you so choose, you can look at the history to see how the narrative has developed over time. I am not afraid to show my scars.

About Me

What makes me tick? My girls. That's why I do what I do. Most people will lie, and say they like solving problems, and making new things. But for me, it's them.

Wait? What? I know; this is my "résumé" site. Is it wise to say stuff like that? It just so happens that I freaking love what I do. Most people don't get the chance to make money doing something that they love. I do. And I think that's pretty damn cool.


I have a passion for the web. I don't see this as a J-O-B. I see this as a career. A calling. People turn to the internet for SO many things, and it's THE platform that has, and will continue to change the world.

A web application, marketing site, blog, whatever it is, should be more than just a pretty face. It should function well. Intuitively. And it should be beautiful.

Sadly, I work in an industry that has lost that passion. "It works, ship it" is something that has been said too many times. I hate it, and it needs to die (along with the "Above the fold" myth).

Me and my girls

That's me on the left. And I think the other two are pretty awesome.